Happy Bloomsday!

James Joyce Ulysses

I bought this copy of Ulysses brand new, so every crease and scuff dates from the summer I read it. I suppose it was my beach reading for the season or something.

So Happy Bloomsday! June 16 falls on a Thursday this year, same as in 1904. Maybe I’ll pack a gorgonzola sandwich for lunch.

Shoutout to Sylvia Beach who published this outrageous thing in its entirety back in 1922 when no one else would. She ran the whole operation out of her shop, Shakespeare & Company in Paris.

Rue de l'Odeon Paris Shakespeare & Company
The original location of Shakespeare & Co. at #12 rue de l’Odéon, to the left of the purple shop front. Ulysses was published here.

2 thoughts on “Happy Bloomsday!

    1. Definitely. Joyce has been mostly stolen from us by the Academy who like everyone to think he’s so serious and inaccessible, but I learned recently that he saw himself as writing entirely for the common people. Apparently he hadn’t even read The Odyssey in full; he had some kind of abridged version, probably from his school days.

      It’s perplexing what a controversy the racy parts were at the time, as if anyone was going to slog through 1000 pages of Leopold Bloom’s stream of consciousness to get some kind of thrill. The 1920s were weird.

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